#Deadpool #Costume Zip Up Hoodie

Deadpool Costume Zip Up Hoodie
Deadpool Costume Zip Up Hoodie

Yep. You’ve already made your mind up. As soon as you saw this Deadpool Costume Zip Up Hoodie, you knew you were going to get it. You love Deadpool. You love Tacos. You love breaking the 4th wall so it is only natural that you would absolutely need this great costume hoodie.

The Deadpool Costume Zip Up Hoodie is one of those unique zip up hoodies that can go over the face making this costumed hoodie an impromptu…um…costume? Yes! Suppose it would also go over well with Deadpool and Friends.

The Deadpool Costume Zip Up Hoodie is made in the exact likeness of Marvel’s famous Merc with a Mouth minus the psychopathic behavior. You have to provide that yourself.

Note: the ‘black’ of the hoodie has a slightly reddish tint that does not come through on the picture!

There’s much more like this at the Halloween HQ. Be sure to enter the Super Zombie Sweepstakes to win a $250 shopping spree PLUS a zombified drawing of yourself from a special comic artist. Ends October 31, 2014.

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14. October 2014 by Shopperista
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