#IronMan Figure Cooking #Apron


Iron Man Figure Cooking Apron
Iron Man Figure Cooking Apron

This black Iron Man Figure cooking apron features the illustrated purposely unfinished form of the Invincible Iron Man. That’s right now, you can cook and look (kind of) just like Iron Man. So to really get into character……honestly you should have started drinking 13 hours ago. Yep.

‘Round about the time, Tony Stark was wearing this particular iteration of the Iron Man armor, his time was split between inventing the better death machine womanizing and……drinking. A lot. More than a lot.

The armor was lugging 75 cubic tons of Jack on any given flight. Anyway this Iron Man cooking apron also features a neck strap and 2 bands for tying ’round the waist.

Check out more Iron Man merchandise here in time for the upcoming Iron Man 3 premiere.

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24. April 2013 by Shopperista
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