Heart Over Heels #Dress


Heart Over Heels Dress

Don’t be surprised when you fall head over high heels in love with this dress, as featured in M Magazine. You shouldn’t hide the fact that you are a hopeful romantic who tends to wear your heart on your sleeve.

In fact, you should celebrate it in this classically shaped, artfully designed, champagne-white Heart Over Heels dress adorned with a flock of floating black hearts. The sweetheart-shaped illusion neckline gives a subtle, flirty kick to this A-line party frock.

You don’t need much to finish off this look – just brightly colored, tall Mary Jane heels, complementary enamel earrings, and a clutch. You may be searching for a special someone tonight or just expressing your self-esteem, but, either way, you deserve a hug for putting so much love out into the world. Like you, this Heart Over Heels dress has a lot of heart.

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09. February 2013 by Shopperista
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