#BigBangTheory Clothes T-Shirt


Big Bang Theory Clothes T-Shirt

Hey look, it is the new spin off show from the immensely popular Big Bang Theory…Celestial Clothing! Ugh. Don’t grumble at me like that…it is just a working title okay?

Anyways this 100% cotton Big Bang Theory Clothes T-Shirt shows off some of the more recognizable ‘uniforms’ of the famous cast! Also the clothes have their own show now. Did I mention that? I do believe that I have.

I bet you really like the Big Bang Theory…you crave their power and their artisan like mastery of all things geeky – this little slice of heaven in the Big Bang Theory Clothes T-Shirt will help you get just a little bit closer to nerd nirvana. Oh and I almost forgot….BAZINGA!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out more Big Bang Theory shirts here and save 12% off everything simply by using the code – 12AFF – at checkout. Hurry, offer ends February 6, 2013.

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07. February 2013 by Shopperista
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