#Spiderman Picture Day Junk Food T-Shirt


Spiderman Picture Day Junk Food T-Shirt

I wonder if Marvel’s Spider Man / Peter Parker ever posts his pictures on his Facebook? I’m sure he does. He probably uses Instagram as well to make it look all old-timey like! He uses that mask of his to cover the always-persistent duck face that is found so often these days on the ‘intarwebz’. Hopefully J.J. doesn’t notice that all of the Spider Man pictures are tagged by Peter Parker!

The Spiderman Picture Day Junk Food T-Shirt is produced by who else but the super famous Junk Food! Those guys only make so many of a t-shirt which means that they are top quality but unfortunately very limited.

The Spiderman Picture Day Junk Food T-Shirt is purposely distressed and shows off Marvel’s mascot Spider Man sticking to a wall and taking some snappy snaps!

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04. February 2013 by Shopperista
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