#BigBangTheory Bazinga Knit #Sweater


Big Bang Theory Bazinga Knit Sweater

How do you class up that dull red sweater and khakis combo you were about to foolishly go out wearing?

Step one: click ‘Add to Cart’ up there on this page for our Big Bang Theory Bazinga Knit Sweater.

Step two: take off that dull red sweater you almost went out in and throw it right in the trash (or fold it nicely and put it back in the drawer).

Step three: reschedule whatever it was you were about to leave the house/basement for so woefully under-dressed while you wait patiently for your new much classier Bazinga Knit Sweater to arrive!

This 100% cotton officially licensed Big Bang Theory garment features the show’s popular catchphrase emblazoned in the center of a red knit sweater with lightning bolt accents around the biceps. Or ‘upper arms’ if you prefer. Bazinga!

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10. January 2013 by Shopperista
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