#Batman Dark Knight Full Body Print #T-Shirt

Batman Dark Knight Full Body Print T-Shirt

Stretched over the entire front of this 100% cotton black Batman Dark Knight Full Body Print T-Shirt is a striking image of Batman looming large over the cityscape of a Gotham in turmoil from all manner of sources as they shine the Bat Signal in hopes of contacting their protector.

From the looks of it, he’s seen your light Jim and he is madder than a monkey in a bag of scorpions about the situation! On this Batman t-shirt he’s got his fist-raised teeth-clenched “get-outta-my-city” thing going on just the way you like him. And we all know he never lets Gotham down. Well mostly never. And when he does he always makes up for it. Almost always anyway.

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20. December 2012 by Shopperista
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