Spiderman Junk Food T-shirts for the discerning #superhero fan on your #shopping list


Spiderman Mustard Vintage Junk Food T-Shirt

Made from 100% cotton, this “mustard yellow” t-shirt features a purposely worn all to hell image of Spiderman swinging through…….the old west maybe. I mean it looks pretty damn old to me.

Maybe he’s swinging to meet Black Bart at high noon in front of Sally’s Saloon. Yep. Now this is a slightly heavier Junk Food T-shirt but being that it’s Junk Food, this baby is still ultra-soft extremely limited and…..spun by hand? With that loom over there in the corner by the…butter churner?

Spiderman I Need Some Action Junk Food T-Shirt

Made from 50% cotton, this extremely soft heather-blue t-shirt features a purposely distressed image of the Amazing Spider-Man positioned over a…uh….Spider-signal….demanding an excessive amount of activity!

That’s right; Spiderman needs to keep himself extremely active! If there’s a lull; a quiet moment in which to reflect…..Well, that would mark the end of Spidey’s productivity. Why? Because Spider-Man carries a little guilt. Enough to spark the water works.

Spiderman YAAAH! Junk Food T-Shirt

Made from 100% cotton, this charcoal-gray t-shirt features a classic purposely distressed image of Spiderman standing atop the Spider-signal infused with perhaps an errant wave of electricity that is either empowering him or……hurting him.

I mean he’s yelling pretty loudly so….is it a reaction to a surprise empowerment or to extreme pain? Hmmmm. Well to make myself feel better I like to think he’s in extreme pain. I mean the guy goes to the bathroom in my gutters so…

Anyway, all of the above Spiderman tees are from famous t-shirt maker Junk Food meaning it’s extremely soft (er than the average t-shirt), ridiculously limited (aka hand-spun which makes it rare) and uh, oh so comfortable to wear.

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17. November 2012 by Shopperista
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