Go #superhero every day with Captain America mug, night light and flip flops

Captain America Travel Mug

You know spending a couple of decades frozen in ice can make somebody develop an aversion to cold. Take Captain America for example. That poor fella spent entirely too much time in suspended animation and he didn’t even get a chance to be thawed out and fight Wesley Snipes in the future. That’s a pretty bum wrap if you ask me.

Anyways Captain America goes to great lengths now to beat the cold. Scarves big heavy winter jackets space heaters and beanies are at Captain America’s disposal. He even starts his car at least 20 minutes before he leaves. This even extends to his food and drinks! Everything must be cooked or microwaved and even his beverages must be kept above room temperature.

That leads us to this Kirby-inspired Captain America Travel Mug. It features Marvel’s Sentinel of Liberty and it’ll keep your coffee toasty warm. Can’t really go wrong with that, can you?

Captain America Shield Symbol Nite Lite

This Captain America night light features the Captain America shield symbol and an automatic light sensor so it turns the heck on if you happen to shove a dozen Hydra agents past the thing. Yup. It would turn on then if that were to happen. Because of the sensor. Yup. So…cool Captain America nite lite.

Captain America Shield Flip Flops/Sandals

The Captain America Shield Flip Flop/Sandals is really quite straight to the point. Yeah, you’ve seen a pair of flip flops. Probably one color and probably worn as all heck. You probably need some new ones yeah? You probably love some Captain America too. The Captain America Shield Flip Flop/Sandals feature his distressed shield – the great shield of America on a pair of flippy-floppies!

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27. June 2012 by Shopperista
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