Thin is good but overly thin is a concern


So there’s been a lot of talk lately about overly-thin women on the catwalks and most recently, on the Red Carpet. I guess being in the public eye does put a lot of pressure on women to maintain what they may think of as an ideal figure or body shape in keeping up with the expectations of the masses.

Those who are naturally slim, and those who exercise and diet, obviously have nothing to worry about. But for those who resort to other means to be and to stay thin, I wonder how many of them have questioned how effective and safe is phenteripped? or whether there are any side effects to whatever weight loss programs they are on.

Concerned parties are advising friends and family of people who notice a sudden or exaggerated weight loss in them to raise the issues with them to find out if anything is amiss in their lifestyles or efforts to remain thin.

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04. March 2012 by Shopperista
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