5 tubes of Colgate for 4? talk about sh*tty customer service!

In the continuing saga of my Colgate toothpaste gone stinky, the dispatcher/agent showed up at my house with an envelope, apparently in exchange for the rotten tubes.

The other day, their customer service lady had told me she would just send the guy to pick up my 5 tubes of toothpaste (2 bad tubes + 3 good tubes that I wanted to exchange just in case they were bad too).

She’d been reluctant to do a direct exchange, suggesting instead that she first send the bad tubes to Thailand for testing (as if she didn’t believe me!). So I was a little surprised when the guy came with an envelope.

Inside was 4 tubes of toothpaste! Only 4? I was like what? Are you serious? Five tubes for four??? What kind of customer service is this?! The lady knew I was going to turn in 5 tubes!

It’s not the dispatcher’s fault. I know that. He’s just doing his job so I didn’t scream him. But even he understood that it wasn’t right for them to shortchange me like that!

So he agreed to take back only the 2 bad tubes in exchange for the 4 new tubes he brought. I think that’s very decent of him. I hope his boss doesn’t give him a hard time back at the office. At any rate, if the customer service lady calls me later, I’ll have a thing or two to tell her 😡 .

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19. January 2009 by Shopperista
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